Step into a DestinationSmile Clinic

Get your digital scans, home smile bundles, and treatment plans from one of our registered dentists.

What you can expect at our walk-in clinic

After you have made your booking, and upon arrival you will be met by one of our GDC registered dentists. During your 30 minute visit our dentist will take a 3D image of your smile. This allows us to show you what your future smile will look like.

If you’re happy to continue, our dentists will advise on next steps, treatment plans and home smile bundles to ensure that you get the smile you’ve been looking for.

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How it works


Step 1: Be Impressed

We’ll create a 3D plan of your treatment for your first glimpse at your new smile. Our dentist then reviews and approves your custom treatment plan and we email you your preview.


Step 2: Get aligned

Why waste time in a waiting room? Once we’ve sent you your plan, we will place your aligners into production within 2 working days and have them all shipped to your doorstep including your retainers to help keep your beautiful smile in place. You’ll continue to have access to our team of GDC registered dentists whilst they monitor your progress.

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Step 3: Smile with confidence

In an average of 6 months you’ll be able to show the world your straighter and brighter smile. That’s right, we said brighter! We will offer you clinical strength whitening so that you can put a sparkle on your new smile.

Book your scan with our in-house GDC registered dentist and receive a dental history review, an oral health exam and a treatment plan showing the predicted outcome.




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