Why you Should Avoid Sugary Drinks

By Destination Smile - January 05, 2021

A sugary drink can be a great treat, but that’s what they should be: treats. Having sugary drinks regularly is not a good thing, trust us. Keep reading to learn why they’re harmful, and what you should have instead.

Sick of Sugar

This sweet substance is unfortunately terrible for your teeth. Sugar can soften your enamel, which makes brushing potentially damaging for those pearly whites. Also, cavities can be an issue if you have too much sugar, and considering that fizzy drinks are packed with it, you’d be safe avoiding them altogether.


Stain Central

Many fizzy drinks are darker in colour (looking at you, Coke and Pepsi). This can lead to your teeth being stained, which is something we obviously don’t want. To combat this, either cut out fizzy drinks altogether, or don’t have them at all. Also, don’t drink them with your aligners in, they can get stained too!


For Your Health!

Yep, sugary drinks are not good for your health whatsoever. Liquid sugar and calories go straight to your system, and you’ll absorb most of it. You might think that sugar-free fizzy drinks are safe, and while they’re the “better” option, the acid content in them can hurt your teeth and your tummy.


Our Recommendation

As you can see, sugary drinks really aren’t the right choice, but what should you drink instead? We recommend water. Yep, the most basic of things is also the healthiest. Water feels satisfying to drink, can cool you down on a hot day and will do your mouth and your body a world of good. And if you get bored of it, mix things up with carbonated or flavoured water.


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