5 Selfie Tips & Tricks

By Destination Smile - January 05, 2021

The art of the selfie has become part of our lives unconsciously. Fun fact; the below countries take the most selfies in European countries.




  1. United Kingdom

  2. Italy

  3. France

  4. Germany
  5. Spain


When it comes to getting the perfect selfie, there are several things that we need to consider.


Here are 5 Selfie Tips and Tricks!

1. Good Lighting = Good Selfie

Good lighting is the key to the perfect selfie. If you're taking a selfie indoors, face the window and embrace the natural light. Ideally, taking selfies outside is the best idea. In terms of light, the best moments are one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset - The Golden Hour. Keep this in mind!


2. Smile Naturally

Don't smile like someone is holding you at gunpoint! Say ‘’Cheese’’! Just think of what makes you really happy - maybe your doggo or a pizza - and let the smile happen naturally. That’s the most important thing for an infectious selfie!


3. Play With Angles

Are they the same person? YES! An angle can make or break a selfie; hold your phone or camera above your head at 45 degrees, that is usually the most perfect angle. Make sure to have those teeth in perfect view when angling your photo (if you’re proud of your smile)!



4. Take As Many As You Can

Try your best to take numerous selfies. Just to give you an exaggerated example, Kylie Jenner once took 500 selfies before she chose the most suitable one. So, no harm in taking several pictures. You will have more chances to find the perfect one! Take Boomerangs, small videos or photos of you with your aligners - popping them in or taking them out. Or even when you are taking your impressions at home - give a thumbs up!


5. The Rule of Thirds Selfie

Professional photographers always keep the "rule of thirds’’ in mind. This can also be applied when taking a selfie. Don’t worry if you have no idea what the rule of thirds is! Basically, you just need to divide the picture into three sections and put your face in either the left part or right part. It usually makes your picture more balanced and in harmony. Now, you are basically a professional photographer!



P.S Getting someone else to take the photo is not weak selfie game - sometimes you just gotta' get that perfect "not-so-selfie" selfie!