3 Ways to Prevent Coffee Stains on your Teeth

By Destination Smile - January 05, 2021

Who doesn’t like coffee? This magical brew keeps us awake when we are tired and gives us a great start to our mornings, but there is one big issue with it: staining. Yep, unfortunately coffee can stain your teeth if you drink too much of it, but we’re here to help. Follow our tips to make sure you continue to consume caffeine like a boss!

1. Milk is Marvellous

One reason why coffee stains your teeth is due to the beverage being very dark in colour. By adding milk to your coffee, you lighten the colour of the coffee which helps. Also, certain proteins exist in animal milk (not soy, sorry!) that bind the acids in coffee together. This allows those acids to go into your stomach instead of onto your teeth, ensuring you maintain that great smile!


2. Cut Out Caffeine!

We know this sounds blasphemous, but drinking coffee with less caffeine will help your teeth. Caffeine is directly linked to the amount of polyphenols in coffee, the acid that can stain your teeth. So, if you drink coffee with less caffeine, you’ll have a lower chance of staining your teeth! Trust us, you will get used to the lower amounts of caffeine, and you’ll be happier for it!


3. Drink Differently

There are different methods to drinking and different kinds of coffee that are less likely to stain your teeth. Drinking coffee from a cup is more likely to stain your teeth, as it makes a lot of contact with your teeth. Instead, try drinking with a straw, it’ll bypass your teeth and give you that same satisfaction of drinking. But wait, you can’t use a straw on hot coffee can you? Of course not, that’s why we’re recommending that you drink cold brew coffee. Besides being delicious, it is the type of coffee less likely to stain your teeth!



You’ve heard it from us, get out there and drink your copious amounts of coffee without staining those pearly whites! If you’re unhappy with how your smile looks, consider DestinationSmile! We offer an amazing and professional concierge-style service for the best price on the market. Click below to find out more!