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Straighten your smile from the comfort of your own home!
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Dentist led. Real results.

Here at DestinationSmile, we care about your results & with a simple and affordable payment plan, getting the ideal smile has never been easier.

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How It Works

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Step 1: Be impressed

We’ll create a 3D plan of your treatment for your first glimpse at your new smile. You can achieve this in 2 easy ways: Either visit on of our clinics for an in-person scan with our GDC registered dentists, or use our at-home kit to create impressions and have a virtual consultation with your dentist. Our dentist then reviews and approves your custom treatment plan and we email you your preview

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Step 2: Get Aligned

Why waste time in a waiting room? Once we’ve sent you your plan, we will place your aligners into production within 2 working days and have them all shipped to your doorstep including your retainers to help keep your beautiful smile in place. You’ll continue to have access to our team of GDC registered dentists whilst they monitor your progress.

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Step 3: Smile with confidence

In an average of 6 months you’ll be able to show the world your straighter and brighter smile. That’s right, we said brighter! We will offer you clinical strength whitening so that you can put a sparkle on your new smile.

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Perfect teeth. Dentist led. At home.

Convenient and Effective.

We’re taking the hassle out of orthodontics. No more inconvenient monthly clinic visits.

Our solution is designed to give you the smile you’ll love from your home. Its safe, hassle-free, discreet, effective and led by GDC registered dentists.


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Step into a DestinationSmile Clinic

At the walk-in clinic

You will be met by one of our dentists. We’ll show you your future smile after taking a 3D image.

If you’re happy, our dentists will advise on treatment plans and options ensuring you get the perfect smile.


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Introducing the exclusive offer for DestinationSmile followers for only £1,199 or £91 per month (plus deposit).


  • Dentist Consultation (via Zoom)
  • Home Impression Kit
  • Kit Video Concierge (assistance via Zoom)
  • Personalised Treatment Plan
  • All your Aligners 
  • Retainers
  • Dental Strength Whitening



Your smile. Our guarantee.

If at any time after going through your Destination Smile treatment process your smile moves out of alignment, we’ll help get it back at no additional cost. That’s our Commitment to you.


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Why is Destination Smile the best choice for you?

Our Unique Clinical Offerings
All others
All others
Decades of experience in client clinical care
In House GDC Dentist Directed Care
Dentist video or in person oral health assessment included
Home Kit Assistance by video consultation
X-Ray review service
UK GDC Dentist Prescribed Treatment
UK Based Customer Support
In house Dentist Remote Monitoring
Best in class customer care
@destinationsmileuk With so many shoutouts from raving fans, it’s hard to keep track, but we do our best.



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